Thursday, January 26, 2006

Fine Bindings - Conservation - Removing Foxing

Foxing can be a major problem in the deterioration of antiquarian books and a major headache to conservationists. The mildew spore is activated by damp conditions and accelerated by chemicals such as ferrous oxide in the original manufacture of the paper.

Fine Bindings - Conservation - Paper & Book Restoration

At Period Fine Bindings, an aqueous formula has been developed that neutralizes the spore and removes it without affecting the integrity of the paper or ink.

Fine Bindings - Paper & Book Restoration

Fine Bindings are often damaged in different ways. Ink stains like these are very difficult to remove as without proper analysis the structure of the paper can be affected to the point of disintegration.

Fine Bindings - Paper & Book Restoration

In fact several stains need to be identified and a course of action taken for each one individually which may mean several baths of different formulae followed by re-sizing the paper.

Coloured prints also need to be tackled with great care.

As does pages with missing or dilapidated edges.

Whatever the size, age, style or period.

By understanding and re-developing the lost "Art of Bookbinding" using hand made materials, original formulae and the traditional skills of the past Master Craftsmen, Period Fine Bindings can restore terminally damaged books to their original condition.

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